Saturday, June 23, 2018

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HighDown Urn

Tributes HighDown Urn - with black marble plaque

The Tribute HighDown™ Urn is a stylish ashes urn for indoor or outdoor & above or below ground use – designed to be easily relocated with the family. Also suitable for use in a columbarium or niche.

Onyx Urns

Onyx Tribute Urns

Our stunning Onyx Tribute Urn is a discreet ashes urn turned from natural onyx

Bulrush & Willow Coffin

Tributes Ltd - Bulrush & Willow Teardrop Coffin

Tributes Bulrush & Willow Coffins are hand-woven from wicker willow and this model is accented in lovely natural bulrush. The gently curved Teardrop shape enhances the natural beauty of the materials

Memory Stones

Tributes Memory Stone Keepsakes

Natural, smooth and tactile, our beautiful Memory Stone keepsakes will hold a tiny quantity of ashes and can be kept close by, in a pocket or bag or by a bedside – wherever a comforting reminder is needed – safely inside the protective velvet drawstring pouch

White Willow Coffins

Tributes Willow Teardrop Coffin in white with flowers, ivy and Heart Message Tags

Our beautiful natural woven Willow Coffins are also available in a soft white finish

Teardrop Willow Coffin

Tributes Ltd - Willow Coffin - Teardrop shape

Tributes Willow Coffins are hand-woven from natural wicker willow by skilled weavers and have a gently curved shape, in keeping with the natural beauty of the materials