Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Memory Capsule

New Memory Capsule

Introducing a new and unique concept in memorial products – the Memory Capsule is a discreet way to include small personal mementos safely within an ashes urn.

Bulrush & Willow Coffin

Tributes Ltd - Bulrush & Willow Teardrop Coffin

Tributes Bulrush & Willow Coffins are hand-woven from wicker willow and this model is accented in lovely natural bulrush. The gently curved Teardrop shape enhances the natural beauty of the materials

White Willow Coffins

Tributes Willow Teardrop Coffin in white with flowers, ivy and Heart Message Tags

Our beautiful natural woven Willow Coffins are also available in a soft white finish

Keepsake Scatter Tubes

Tributes Scatter Tube Keepsakes Range

Tributes original Scatter Tubes are now available in a tiny keepsake size which is perfect for families who wish to share ashes, divide ashes to scatter and keep or for temporary storage whilst deciding on a permanent keepsake or piece of jewellery.

Tribute Heart Message Tags

TRIBUTES Heart Message Tags - engraved

Our lovely Heart Message Tags are a perfect way to add a farewell message to a coffin or casket. A touching and lovely way for family members to say a final farewell with a truly personal message to a loved one, and a perfect way for children to say goodbye.
Available in packs of 10, they [...]

Tribute FramePod™

Tribute FramePod

The Tribute FramePod™ is a stylish and discreet Cremation Urn & Photo Memorial – an exclusive design from Tributes Ltd.