Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Copyright Notice

All content on our websites is Copyright Tributes Ltd and Global Tributes Ltd (unless otherwise stated). All rights reserved.

All our product images are Copyright Tributes Ltd and Global Tributes Ltd and are protected by Digimarc trackable digital watermarking. This watermarking is visually undetectable, but provides a digital fingerprint to identify them as the property of Tributes Ltd. and enable them to be identified on other websites and media. Images may additionally display a visible watermark. Unauthorised copying or reproduction of our images is prohibited and will constitue an infringement of Copyright.

Authorised distributors, stockists and resellers of our products are permitted to use our images in their own literature, websites or other promotional material and we provide beautiful, high quality studio photographs free of charge to our customers for this purpose. Please Contact Us to obtain copies of our product images for use as stated.

If you have arrived at this page from the Digimarc Web Lookup link in one of our Copyrighted images and are interested in purchasing or stocking our products, please Contact Us