Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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HighDown Urn

A stylish urn for indoor or outdoor & above or below ground use

“We created the HighDown Urn in response to the need for an urn which can be easily relocated with the family”

The granite-effect HighDown Urn can be kept at home, and will look equally attractive indoors or in the garden. It may also be buried, but can be easily relocated to a new home. The HighDown is also ideal to use in a columbarium or niche setting.

The Tribute HighDown Urn is a stylish ashes urn moulded in a realistic granite-effect material*. Designed for versatility, it is equally suited for indoor or outdoor use and also can be buried along with the locating grave marker.¤ A personalised slate or marble plaque fits onto the urn when used above ground or is easily attached to the grave marker if the urn is to be buried.

The HighDown’s simple but attractive design fits well into interior spaces and its weather-resistant material enables it also to be positioned on a patio or in the garden. If the urn is buried, the unique adjustable grave marker allows it to be easily located for removal to a different site.

TRIBUTES_HighDown-Urn_marker-post-use TRIBUTES_HighDown-Urn_01_white-marble_cr

  • Unique & innovative design
  • Discreet & attractive ashes urn
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Above or below ground position
  • Relocate when moving house
  • Ideal for columbarium or niche
  • Height-adjustable marker for burial
  • Slate or Marble plaque for personalisation

The HighDown Urn may be combined with our new Memory Capsule, which allows small mementos, a photo or name plaque to be safely and discreetly stored within the urn.

More Pictures: click on the images below

*The HighDown Urn is moulded from durable polypropylene, so it is weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. However, care should be taken to position it away from prolonged exposure to strong sunlight
¤Grave marker and plaque are also available to purchase separately

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