Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Memory Capsule

New Memory Capsule
Introducing a new and unique concept in keepsake memorial products – the Memory Capsule is a discreet way to include small personal mementos safely within an ashes urn.

The black cylindrical Memory Capsule fits easily into the base of a selected range of Tributes ashes urns* and can hold small items of jewellery or a lock of hair. It is supplied with a small glass phial which can be used to hold a tiny quantity of ashes or may be filled with a loved one’s favourite fragrance. The Capsule is covered by a protective acrylic screen which protects the precious contents and can also be used to display a photograph or an engraved name plaque.
Urns suitable for use with the Memory Capsule
*The Memory Capsule can be used with the following ashes urns:

In future we will be introducing more urns and memorials that are designed to incorporate the Memory Capsule.

For detailed step-by-step, illustrated instructions on the use of the Memory Capsule in our urns and memorials, please click here.

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