Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Point of Sale Materials

We have a large range of Point of Sale materials we can offer to Funeral Directors to assist in presenting our woven coffins and other products to families.

From leaflets, display stands and swatch panels to mini coffin samples and even full window displays we can provide something to suit every location*.


Willow Swatch Panels are a compact and useful way to demonstrate the weave quality of our Willow Coffins and Caskets. They are complete with a calico cover, which is indicative of our coffin liners and shrouds, and finished with a miniature laser-engraved bamboo plaque. Also available in Bamboo weave.


Our Willow Desktop display stands are an ideal combination Willow swatch and leaflet display. Sized to fit our gatefold Coffins leaflet or trifold leaflets they are lined in calico, indicative of our liners and shrouds, and finished with a miniature laser-engraved bamboo plaque.


Our Perspex leaflet display stands are suitable for DL sized trifold leaflets and the clear acrylic material is discreet in any surroundings


We can supply full colour Poster Display Boards in A5, A4, A3 and A2 sizes. Each poster board has a folding support enabling them to be positioned free-standing or wall-mounted as required. We can also supply framed Display Boards if required.


Our Miniature Display Coffin is a replica of our adult Willow Coffin models with all the features of the full-sized models, but at only one metre in length it is perfect for the smaller display room.


We are happy to supply Themed Window Display Kits tailored to fit any size of window. Displays can include anything from full-sized coffins to simple Casket and Scatter Tube arrangements. We have a number of standard themes but are happy to work with you to provide a bespoke theme. For more theme examples of take a look at our Window Display gallery below and speak to our Customer Service team for advice or more information.

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*Most of our Point of Sale range is supplied entirely free of charge, but there may be a nominal charge for some items in certain circumstances. Please ask to speak to Catherine in our Customer Services Team.