Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Scatter Tubes

Tributes Ltd - Scatter Tubes for ashes scattering, burial or as keepsakes
Tributes are the creators of the original Scatter Tubes™ ashes scattering urns, which are available in a beautiful range of designs and suitable for interment, ashes scattering or as keepsakes. The wide range of designs offers something to suit every taste and the range of sizes make them suitable for split, token or keepsake ashes, as well as full ashes.

Originally conceived as an alternative to unappealing cremains scattering containers, our Scatter Tubes™ were designed with simplicity in mind, both for the undertaker and the family, to allow an easy-to-use and attractive ashes scattering solution.

New Sports Range
Tributes Ltd - Special Edition Scatter Tubes - SPORTS RANGE
We are pleased to introduce our new Sports Range featuring timeless, popular sporting themes. In Cricket, Football, Rugby and Tennis designs.

New Butterfly & Feathers Designs
Butterfly This lovely new design features a butterfly perching on a field of daisies against a muted green background. Currently available in a full-ashes size only.

Feathers Soft white feathers against a powder blue or pastel pink background. This delicate design is currently available in a small size only.

Tiny Keepsake Scatter Tubes are available in all our designs.

Scatter Tubes™ are created from over 90% recycled materials, making them a very environmentally friendly choice.

Information for families on how to use a Scatter Tube can be found here

For Independent Funeral Directors wishing to purchase Scatter Tubes please see this page

More Pictures: This gallery contains photos of many of our designs. For the full range of designs/sizes available click here.

Your Independent Funeral Director can obtain this item for you by contacting:

Allsops CTF Ltd
Unit 5 , Silverdale
Meadow Road
West Sussex
BN11 2RZ

Tel: 01903 213991
Fax: 01903 213998

If your Funeral Director is part of a group, they can obtain this item for you by contacting us at:

Tributes Ltd
40, The Vinery
Arundel Road
West Sussex
BN18 9PY

Tel: 0845 388 8742
Fax: 01903 859765

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